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Today, Glashütte Original officially announces an important extension to its Senator Excellence replica watches uk collection, that is also a clear message to its collectors of where the brand is going. This article introduces two new watch models (each available in steel or 18k red gold) which are the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Panorama Date and the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase. Each of these watches include the brand's still new and really cool Caliber 36 automatic movement, which was introduced breitling replica watches earlier in 2016 with the three-hand Glashütte Original Senator Excellence watches (here). To call these watches new is not entirely accurate, even though they are new models with nice refinements. People who follow Glashütte Original will be quick to point out that the esteemed German brand has been selling extremely similar watches for a while (with almost identical names). The Glashütte Original Senator Panorama Date and Glashütte Original Senator Panorama Date Moon Phase are existing models that lack the "Excellence" part of the name. What Glashütte Original is doing is using the Caliber 36 movement architecture in more and more of their core omega replica watches collection. That means a better, more accurate, more reliable movement as well as some design tweaks to handsome, longstanding parts of the brand's collection. The Caliber 36 movement has a lot of excellent features, which I think most watch lovers are really going to like. The simple three-hand model with no date that Glashütte Original debuted the movements in offered a clean way of introducing the handsome mechanism. The brand's intent with the movement is to serve as a base, and the Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Panorama Date and Panorama Date Moonphase cheap replica watches add modules with additional complications, which are the big date as well as the big date plus moon phase features respectively.
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